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Brainspotting Therapy

Patti Bee, M.S. - Psychotherapy & Counseling, Madison, WI

                                                                                          ‚Äč(608) 255-9119

. . . Extinguishes Emotional Trauma ~ Calms Nervous System

Therapy Madison WI

Patti Bee, M.S., provides Therapy in Madison WI. She is a Partner at Psychology Associates of Madison and also has her own practice, Brainspotting Psychotherapy & Counseling.

Patti specializing in two therapy approaches that are know to be effective, results oriented therapy. She is Certified in Brainspotting, which is a neurophysiological release therapy method that is quite simple to use and yet it works on complex issues that have been hard to change.

Her other specialization is in Internal Family Systems (IFS), which really is Inner Parts Work. This method also works to unwind deep and complicated behaviors and thinking that seem to make now sense. Usually the person feels they even know better than the current outcomes that are happening in their life, and yet they can't seem to make lasting changes. IFS Therapy can help with this.

There is a New Movie, by Disney Pixar that depicts the Inner Parts in the mind. This does not display IFS Therapy per se, but give a good look at some ways that our Inner Parts might operate in our lives.

Watch the Move Trailer here.

In the Therapy World there are several words and definitions used to describe therapy. Therapy can be known as Psychotherapy, which is more in depth than say counseling, and yet all forms of therapy are considered counseling. Therapy can be more of problem solving or it can be a therapy model that uses more depth psychology and find the root causes of issues to resolve from the Inside Out.

What's Next?

Contact Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, NCC - for a FREE, 30 minute Phone Consult to answer all your questions.

Brainspotting - read more of how it releases Anxiety out of the deep brain and nervous system.

Internal Family Systems (IFS), Inner Parts Work - read more on how your Inner Parts are what holds the beliefs and compelled thoughts that are at the heart of anxious feelings.

Watch a Disney Pixar Movie Trailer - that depicts the Inner Parts concept